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We were introduced to Angie Aben at Seat Savvy Inc recently as I was given a gift certificate for a car seat installation/education session from a close friend at my baby shower. We waited until we were into a stage 2 car seat to contact Seat Savvy as our daughter has just turned 9 months so it was time to get her into a larger seat. When I first called Angie, we discussed the new car seat that I had purchased. Angie knew the seat well and while she advised that it was not a bad seat, she pointed out some important facts that a first time mother probably would not know. Although it was a 3 in 1 seat, Angie advised that the booster seat stage of my seat was not recommended for use*. In addition, she advised that if I thought this seat would do for years to come, this was not the case. She was so familiar with the seat (all seats on the market it seemed) that she knew that our daughter would outgrow the seat by height well before she hit the weight restriction. Further, she advised that there was a better seat, one that would take our daughter to age 5+ in a 5 point harness, on sale for the same price at Toys R Us. We promptly returned the seat we had purchased and bought the one she had suggested, which we liked a lot more just by looking at it. We wish we would have consulted her knowledge before we bought the seat - who knew someone could know so much about car seats?? Angie was very accomodating with setting up an appointment and came directly to our house, on time! She spent over an hour with us, showing us how to properly install the seat on our own, all the while adding tidbits of of very valuable information - everything from the options we had for installing (where and how) and the pros and cons of each, to what kind of winter clothing a child should wear in a car seat, to crash and safety statistics, to how to teach a [rear facing] child to hold their legs in a seat - she was fantastic. She even suggested a kind of boots to purchase and where to find both the real ones and the knock-offs - which she added were currently on sale. She explained to us when adjustments would be required and how to do them as well. We now have peace of mind that, heaven forbid, we ever get in a crash, our daughter has the best possible chance of coming out unscathed. We also have peace of mind that we know how to correctly install/adjust the seat later. I would not hesitate to recommend Seat savvy and will be doing so to anyone I can. What an awesome baby shower gift! Angie is very professional, knowledgeable, helpful and personable and our experience was excvellent in every way. Thanks Angie!

Kyla and Cory, Calgary.







    Calgary Car Seat Installation

To date Seat Savvy has helped over 3000 families. Below are just a few testimonials from parents and caregivers.


I was referred to Seat Savvy by [name] at Transport Canada, as certified technicians that could assist us with properly installing our infant car seats. Angie came direct to our home and spent over two hours installing and educating us on the use of our two different car seats. Her knowledge of our car seats, as well as factual information regarding car seat safety was amazing. Seat Savvy took the time to answer our many questions, as well as showing us how to properly install our car seats. We were amazed at the difference a professional installation makes, and we now have a new found confidence that we have provided our daughter with the safest environment in her car seats. This was money well spent, and I would highly recommend the services of Seat Savvy to anyone. Thanks again for your time today Angie, Shari, Maddie and I greatly appreciate it.

Mike F., father of 12 month old.

We had the pleasure of meeting you today at e-children and you very kindly inspected and installed our new car seat and switched over the old one. Your professionalism was fantastic and you gave us total confidence in knowing that what you were telling us was correct. We left feeling totally at ease, that our two beautiful lil munchkins were safe and secure in their car seats! I cannot tell you what peace of mind you have given me, their safety is paramount to me, and as I said to you, I had the worry of knowing until recently that I had not installed my oldest daughters car seat correctly. Thank you so much again!

-- Lucy, mom of 3 year old & 8 month old

I initially heard about Seat Savvy in the savvymom.ca electronic newsletter. I then met one of the Child Restraint Systems Technicians, Angie Abon, at The Baby Show which was held in Calgary on October 3 and 4, 2009. I was so impressed with Angies level of knowledge and willingness to help that I immediately decided to make an appointment with her for a one-on-one consultation. My 4 year old needed a new car seat and I wanted to readjust the car seat he was using for my 8 month old. In addition, that car seat had been recalled by the manufacturer who had sent me a repair kit that I had not yet installed primarily because I could not understand the instructions. I had previously installed car seats in my vehicle and honestly hated every minute! It was always very time consuming and very frustrating, and I was never sure that I was doing it correctly. This of course made me feel very anxious and nervous about the safety of my two children. With a young baby, it was also very difficult to find a block of uninterrupted time to get the job done. Seat Savvy to the rescue! Angie came to my home and took care of everything. She adjusted the two car seats and installed them, and she walked me through all of this step by step. She was familiar with the recall and was able to install the repair kit without any problems. Angie showed me a lot of tipsthat you will not find in any instruction manual! All of my questions were answered with a high level of confidence and I was trained on how to properly buckle my children in their car seats. I was also given a lot of practical advice on how to generally improve the safety of my children in the vehicle. Angie gave me detailed information regarding when each of my children would need further adjustments to their car seats and when they would need a different car seat. Now I drive with confidence and peace of mind knowing that my children are safe. I highly recommend Seat Savvy especially if you have experienced the same level of frustration and anxiety while installing a car seat that I have!

-- Renee, mom of 4 year old and 8 month old

My husband and I had Seat Savvy come and check out the installation of our seat, not because we could not do it ourselves, but because we did not want to be wrong when it came to the safety of our son. It took us awhile to find a resource that checks car seats, and were grateful when we found a card at a local childrens store. We were shown how to correctly install the seat in our own car, what to look for when installing the seat in general (which has been invaluable when we travel) as well as placement within the vehicle. We have the peace of mind knowing that the seat is installed correctly and we are able to do so ourselves so that not only will our son be safe, but we are as well. I would (and have) recommend Seat Savvy to other parents, and will be calling them when our next child arrives and we have another new seat to install!

-- Shannon, mom of 1 year old in Airdrie